Spring Anticipation

IMG_7107 IMG_7110 IMG_7114 IMG_7119 IMG_7128 IMG_7141 IMG_7148Columbus&Co. has taken a bit of a hideous from our style shots due to the frigid weather in Minnesota, but we are highly anticipating Spring to arrive so we battled the 30 degree weather and put together a look. We thought it would be nice to show some styles of the post heavy Winter wear and the pre lighter Spring wear. Justin acquired the Barbour Bourne Camo Waxed Jacket, which is a great lighter jacket that can be worn over a few or many layers depending on the temperature. The jacket is 6 oz sylkoil wax that features two front bellow pockets, two hand warmer pockets and a cord collar. The jacket is weatherproof and looks great! Justin’s pants are the Rogue Territory Dark Stanton’s, which are made from a 13.5 oz sanforized dark indigo selvedge denim.  We show some close up shots so you can see the natural whiskering from the day to day wear. The boots are the Alden Indy Boot in classic brown. If the boots are good enough for Harrison Ford in Indian Jones they’ll do you just fine!

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Independence Chicago – One Year Annivesary Party

oakstreetOur friends over at Independence Chicago are celebrating their one year existence of their store located downtown Chicago, IL. Independence is a unique store stocking many of the finest American Made goods on the market. Don’t miss your chance to celebrate, shop and see a live in store performance from Hanna Ashbrook.

When: Thursday March 14, 2013 from 6:30 – 10:30 PM
Featuring: Live in-store performance from Hanna Ashbrook
Complimentary: Beer & Wine to be served

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Winter Session






Columbus & Co. popped into Winter Session’s Chicago workshop just before their relocation to Denver to see what this husband and wife team were up to. It was truly one of the more unique work environments we’ve been able to witness. Roy and Tanya’s workspace had a very zen-like feel to it. The space had a ton of natural light, plants and vintage sewing machines along with a ton of Winter Session products of course! Roy and Tanya are heading out to Denver to be closer to family, I’m sure they will be missed by the city of Chicago.

Winter Session makes a wide variety of leather goods and canvas bags. All of their products are made in the United States.

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Heritage Bicycles General Store










Heritage Bicycles out of Chicago, Illinois let us through their doors to take some photos of their general store and bicycle shop. It was great to get to know Mike and Melissa and their passion for their business. Heritage Bicycles General Store locally crafts bicycles based on fashion, function, and comfort out of their store in Chicago. Mike and Melissa are husband and wife and own and operate the store. Mike started building bicycles for a store in New York, while Melissa was a children’s portrait photographer. Mike being a Chicago native had the idea of starting his own bike shop back in the windy city. Good thing for his fellow Chicagoans!

Currently Heritage Bicycles General Store keeps the majority of their bike building craft as close to Chicago as they can, including the design, welding, painting and assembly. It was neat to sit down in the coffee shop and look over to the Heritage bike team assembling beautifully designed bikes right in front of your face. The store also has a wide variety of locally made clothing and bike gear to keep you stylish on your Chicago built bicycle. Oh, did I mention they have delicious coffee and a nice array of menu items…If your in the area be sure to check them out. If you interested in a bike check out their website for all of the customizable options, truly unique to their brand.

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Northern Grade Saint Paul – James J. Hill Library













NorthernGrade Saint Paul took place last Sunday at the James J. Library in downtown Saint Paul, Minnesota and we would have to say it was a huge success. We were super impressed in the venue and the scale of the event compared to the previous ones. Even with the Super Bowl to compete with NorthernGrade had a large turnout that carried throughout the day. There were 26 vendors at the event showcasing a variety of goods from bikes, books, clothes to canoe paddles. There was a DJ playing, a vodka distillery sampling drinks and a ton of well dressed people showcasing their American Made styles. Even Governor Mark Dayton made it down to show his support for the American Made event. Steam continues to pick up for American Made goods and NorthernGrade is expanding to other cities. We can’t wait to see how big NorthernGrade gets, but as everyone continues to demand quality design and production we’re sure it will grow!

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Chicago Comb



Columbus & Co. met up with Tedd, the Co-Founder of Chicago Comb Co. a few weeks back to discuss his luxury comb that is laser cut an hand finished in Chicago, Illinois. We reached out to Chicago Comb Co. because we thought their stylistic comb design and local production values align perfectly with who Columbus & Co. is trying to showcase on our site. We agreed to meet up with Tedd at a local coffee shop near the location we were staying. We have never met Tedd before or seen a picture of him so it was very blind date-esk. He made us laugh as he told us the story of him making eye contact and flashing his comb to several strangers who walked into the coffee shop that were not Columbus & Co.

Tedd and John started Chicago Comb with the idea that a comb is an everyday mens grooming item and it should be a timeless and lasting piece just like other staples in a mans everyday life. One thing I found especially unique about their comb is that the entire piece is 100% made in the United States. Even down to the packaging the comb comes in. Big hats off to Ted and John and their support of American Made! Chicago Comb Co. is getting a lot of exposure for their comb and its to no surprise of Columbus & Co. They have a great product and their founders are great guys following their beliefs. Chicago Comb Co. has a few things coming in the near future that we don’t know if we are at liberty to discuss so keep checking their site because its going to be nice!

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Stache & Hyde




Stache & Hyde
Stache & Hyde out of Chicago, Illinois took some time out of their busy schedules to meet us for dinner and show us their clever book case for Apple’s iPad, called the StacheBook™. Mo and Sofia, the creative duo behind Stache & Hyde are Chicago natives and take pride in the fact their StacheBook™ is made in their hometown. Ironically enough the StacheBook™ was conceived in Chicago’s Printers Row neighborhood. Historically Printers Row, also known as Printing House Row District was made up of buildings used by printing and publishing businesses. Today, the buildings have been turned into residential lofts and student housing for nearby colleges. We love hearing about rich history that is associated with new beginnings. The StacheBook™ gives you the sense of holding and reading a book while incorporating your new technology. It’s not there to replace books, but to give iPad users a stylish and clever way to tote their iPads around.

Q&A with Stache & Hyde
What gave you the idea to create the StacheBook™?
Sofia actually came up with the idea.  We wanted to get stylish cases for our iPads that did not look like cases. Since Mo commutes on the El train and often uses his iPad in public, he did not want to be easily spotted. One day, while discussing the matter, Sofia jokingly suggested that we “hide it in a book”.  The rest is history.

Q: I love the sleek designs of the StacheBook™. Where does the inspiration come to keep coming up with unique patterns and designs?
A: We both love styling and share an interest in fashion. Our inspiration comes from the most unexpected places and often starts with a texture or a color. We have had the opportunity to work with name brand wall covering companies and other fabric manufacturers that love our product, so we are lucky to have various materials at our fingertips.  We are always open to more options though 🙂

Q: Do any stockists carry the StacheBook™?
StacheBooks are and will be available at the following boutiques:
Space 519 at 900 N. Michigan Ave.
Haberdash at 607 N. State Street
Sir & Madame at 938 N. Damen
The Silver Room, 1442 N. Milwaukee Ave

Q: As Apple continues to change designs and sizes of their iPads will Stache & Hyde continue to adjust their books to fit? i.e. iPad Mini?
Yes.  The Apple iPad is still the #1 selling tablet.  StacheBook’s™ for the iPad mini are due for release this spring and we will likely also expand to other tablets later this year.

Q: What can we expect to see from Stache & Hyde in 2013?
A: Stache & Hyde will be debuting its Spring/Summer 2013 StacheBook™ collection next month. We are also working on special capsule collections with high end designers and artists.  To stay abreast of what is to come, be smart and join the StacheBook™ club at http://bit.ly/stachebookclub


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Northerngrade Saint Paul

Northern Grade
With little over one week away before the next installment of Northerngrade we thought we should post the flyer so everyone of our readers that isn’t aware of the event, is now aware. Northerngrade is a men’s popup market made up of stockists, craftsman, and designers celebrating American-made goods for men. Don’t let that discourage you women, there is a lot for you to be hyped about at the event as well. This coming event is held in Saint Paul, MN at the James J. Hill library and is hosted by Pierrepont Hicks. We will be there taking style shots and mingling with vendors, so make sure you say hello.
Also, it’s Super Bowl Sunday and the game will be broadcast. Go Vikings!

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Inland Clothing


Inland Clothing is an online retailer headquartered out of Chicago, IL that stocks and sells Made in the USA clothing and accessories. Inland is owned and operated by Eli Naeher and Columbus & Co. had a chance to sit down with Eli to get some more insight into his online store. Eli had the idea that American made goods should be affordable and accessible, so he sought out to bring Inland Clothing to life. He has a web development background so it was natural for him to start an online store. Inland stocks quality made items that they can offer at a fair price to their customers. The majority of the brands Inland stocks are from small family owned and operated companies.

Eli pictured above is wearing a Labonville, Inc. Wool Jacket in Green Buffalo Plaid with Heavyweight Twill Work Pants from Domestic Workwear in Tobacco. Both items can be sourced from Inland Clothing’s website.


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Domestic Work Wear





On Columbus & Co.’s most recent visit to Chicago we set out to meet as many like minded craftsman, stores and designers as we could. We heard about Domestic Work Wear and it’s owner Daniel Evans from our friend Eli at Inland Clothing and setup a meet and greet session. Daniel suggested we attend a small store party at Dovetail, one of the stockists that carries his Domestic Work Wear brand. Dovetail was a perfect setting and not only because they were giving out free PBR, but because the store and the ladies working sent out an open and friendly vibe. Daniel was tied up at work a little longer than expected, which worked in our favor because there was a rad vintage shop a few doors down that we explored.

When we got back to Dovetail Domestic Work Wear was in full effect and gladly posed for photos, answered questions about his brand and showed us some of his new prototypes that will be released very soon. Shhh….

Domestic Work Wear is centered around the idea that hard working Americans need hard working clothing to withstand the everyday conditions they put them through. Domestic Work Wear pants and shirts are great for work or casual conditions. Domestic Work Wear prides themselves on being a value buy, meaning you pay a little more for better fabric, fit and functionality that will last longer than something cheaply made. Daniel definitely has a fun and caring personality, which is evident with the wide array of color choices he offers in his garments.

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