Railcar Fine Goods

It’s good to get back into the swing of things here at Columbus & Co. We wanted to share some photos of our recent trip to Arcadia, California to visit Railcar Fine Goods. We were first turned onto Railcar Fine Goods by Zen from Greenwich Vintage and after all of the raving and ranting Zen did about the denim brand we had to check them out. Zen was absolutely right, Railcar’s craftsmanship is hands down some of the best I’ve seen. Railcar jeans come with a heavy cotton pocket fabric, a heavy branded leather patch, a chain stitched bottom hem, belt loops tucked into the waist band that provides a clean look, a two piece waistband that reduces rear gaping and hidden rivets on the rear pockets.

Steven is intensely passionate about his work and the trade, which was evident on the tour he gave us. He enjoys finding old sewing machines, repairing them and selling them for someone else to use, which is incredible. He likes projects and restoring pieces of history. He has several unique sewing machines from the early 1900’s that his team currently uses to build jeans. Including Steven there are 7 total employees at Railcar that earn a living making quality jeans. Just another reason to buy American Made!

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  1. Get some Steve! Turns out they’re also flame retardant denim… FYI.

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