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Heritage Bicycles out of Chicago, Illinois let us through their doors to take some photos of their general store and bicycle shop. It was great to get to know Mike and Melissa and their passion for their business. Heritage Bicycles General Store locally crafts bicycles based on fashion, function, and comfort out of their store in Chicago. Mike and Melissa are husband and wife and own and operate the store. Mike started building bicycles for a store in New York, while Melissa was a children’s portrait photographer. Mike being a Chicago native had the idea of starting his own bike shop back in the windy city. Good thing for his fellow Chicagoans!

Currently Heritage Bicycles General Store keeps the majority of their bike building craft as close to Chicago as they can, including the design, welding, painting and assembly. It was neat to sit down in the coffee shop and look over to the Heritage bike team assembling beautifully designed bikes right in front of your face. The store also has a wide variety of locally made clothing and bike gear to keep you stylish on your Chicago built bicycle. Oh, did I mention they have delicious coffee and a nice array of menu items…If your in the area be sure to check them out. If you interested in a bike check out their website for all of the customizable options, truly unique to their brand.

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2 Responses to Heritage Bicycles General Store

  1. kevin hartwell says:

    Were you in Chicago?

  2. Those seats are really cool.

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