Northern Grade Saint Paul – James J. Hill Library













NorthernGrade Saint Paul took place last Sunday at the James J. Library in downtown Saint Paul, Minnesota and we would have to say it was a huge success. We were super impressed in the venue and the scale of the event compared to the previous ones. Even with the Super Bowl to compete with NorthernGrade had a large turnout that carried throughout the day. There were 26 vendors at the event showcasing a variety of goods from bikes, books, clothes to canoe paddles. There was a DJ playing, a vodka distillery sampling drinks and a ton of well dressed people showcasing their American Made styles. Even Governor Mark Dayton made it down to show his support for the American Made event. Steam continues to pick up for American Made goods and NorthernGrade is expanding to other cities. We can’t wait to see how big NorthernGrade gets, but as everyone continues to demand quality design and production we’re sure it will grow!

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  1. What a riot! Had a great time, thanks!

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