Inland Clothing


Inland Clothing is an online retailer headquartered out of Chicago, IL that stocks and sells Made in the USA clothing and accessories. Inland is owned and operated by Eli Naeher and Columbus & Co. had a chance to sit down with Eli to get some more insight into his online store. Eli had the idea that American made goods should be affordable and accessible, so he sought out to bring Inland Clothing to life. He has a web development background so it was natural for him to start an online store. Inland stocks quality made items that they can offer at a fair price to their customers. The majority of the brands Inland stocks are from small family owned and operated companies.

Eli pictured above is wearing a Labonville, Inc. Wool Jacket in Green Buffalo Plaid with Heavyweight Twill Work Pants from Domestic Workwear in Tobacco. Both items can be sourced from Inland Clothing’s website.


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