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On Columbus & Co.’s most recent visit to Chicago we set out to meet as many like minded craftsman, stores and designers as we could. We heard about Domestic Work Wear and it’s owner Daniel Evans from our friend Eli at Inland Clothing and setup a meet and greet session. Daniel suggested we attend a small store party at Dovetail, one of the stockists that carries his Domestic Work Wear brand. Dovetail was a perfect setting and not only because they were giving out free PBR, but because the store and the ladies working sent out an open and friendly vibe. Daniel was tied up at work a little longer than expected, which worked in our favor because there was a rad vintage shop a few doors down that we explored.

When we got back to Dovetail Domestic Work Wear was in full effect and gladly posed for photos, answered questions about his brand and showed us some of his new prototypes that will be released very soon. Shhh….

Domestic Work Wear is centered around the idea that hard working Americans need hard working clothing to withstand the everyday conditions they put them through. Domestic Work Wear pants and shirts are great for work or casual conditions. Domestic Work Wear prides themselves on being a value buy, meaning you pay a little more for better fabric, fit and functionality that will last longer than something cheaply made. Daniel definitely has a fun and caring personality, which is evident with the wide array of color choices he offers in his garments.

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