New Years Eve Outfit 2012 – Marcus’s Picks

New Years Eve - Marcus
Justin and I are putting together our individual New Year’s Eve outfits of some of our favorite brands and styles. I always like to dress up a little bit on New Year’s Eve to end the year with a bang even if I’m heading to a more casual party. I feel this look I put together can be both dressy and casual. Obviously you wouldn’t wear this to a black tie event, but shit I don’t frequent those much. To start I have a Dolce & Gabbana Martini Velvet Blazer in Navy. This one is a little spendy and I know you can find cheaper alternatives if you are thinking why buy something I won’t wear a ton. The shirt is a Gitman Vintage & The Hill Side Button Down in Multicolor Polka Dots. A pretty fun shirt to wear out on New Years,  you’ll definitely get a lot of looks. The pants are Left Field NYC Gray Japanese Wool Flannel Tailored Chinos. These pants are constructed for durability and fit great. The Evans Hat in Heather Burgundy is Coal brand. This hat will definitely accent the shirt and match great. I tend to wear a lot of hats and New Years Eve is an occasion to wear something a little more fashion forward. The socks are Happy Socks Big Dots and add a little flavor to any outfit. I had to end the outfit with some American Made shoes by Rancourt & Co. These Weltline Penny Loafers in Black Suede are truly classic. I don’t own these shoes, but I definitely will someday. Rancourt & Co. hand crafts each pair of shoes with excellence, so you know these things will be winners.

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