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Justin and I stopped by a new Men’s specialty store that recently opened up in the North Loop neighborhood of Minneapolis called MidNorth Mercantile. MidNorth Mercantile specializes in finding unique, quality, American Made vintage clothing from all over United States to resell in their store. They really have an incredible array of items for sale and their vintage pickers have an eye for those timeless pieces of history that are still very relevant in today’s fashion scene. We had a good time trying on Pendleton flannel shirts, WWII jackets, Navy chambray shirts, maverick jackets, wool sweaters and the list goes on. I literally had to pull Justin out of the store in order to make it home at a decent time.

MidNorth is definitely as unique as they come, but what was very fascinating is they have a full service barber shop as part of the store. Come in get a trim, a hair cut or even a shave and as an added bonus you can look through all of the vintage merchandise. Beats the hell out of outdated magazines on some coffee table at your typical barber shop. These guys have big aspirations and Columbus & Co. is excited to see where these guys take their passions next.

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