A little guest post I did for MustariBrand to educate his readers on Selvedge Denim


Selvedge Denim Cuff JeansMy brother over at Columbus & Co did us a solid and wrote up this guest blog on quality clothing fit for chopping blocks and bikes. Style is everything and his site is dedicated to it so check it out. And commence….

MustariBrand asked me to give his readers who love to ride and work in their jeans more insight into the rising American Made selvedge denim jeans. Selvedge denim is a type of denim constructed continuously on a old style shuttle loom, which was historically how jeans were made up until the 1950’s when mass production took over to produce higher quantity and lower quality jeans.

Selvedge refers to the edge of the denim that is finished to prevent any type of unraveling. The denim is sewn to complete the closure at the seam, which gives it a clean natural edge as shown below in the first picture. There…

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