Columbus & Co. Christmas List – Item #2

UNIONMADE Harris Tweed Filson Tote in Dark Olive
The second item we think is a noteworthy share for a Christmas gift is the Filson Harris Tweed Tote in dark olive. This Filson tote is Made in the USA and is 100% wool and lined with canvas on the inside. This tote was exclusively made for Union Made and would be great for use as a carry on bag while traveling or an overnight bag to your favorite ladies house. The quality and construction of this bag is made to last generations.

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2 Responses to Columbus & Co. Christmas List – Item #2

  1. I want some trousers made out of that wool with braces the color of the straps! Or, a vest of it with leather tightening straps on the outside…. Columbus & Co should make clothes! I’d buy that shit!

  2. zanesaria says:

    Wow, Love the Colors!

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