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Columbus & Co. set an appointment with Rachael Lundeen of the Tom James Company out of their Minneapolis office to explore the realm of made to measure suits, pants and shirts. Tom James is the largest manufacturer and retailer of custom made clothing in the world. Tom James isn’t your ordinary retailer and their haberdashers are certainly extraordinary in fitting and styling their clients. Rachael along with all of Tom Jame’s haberdashers can be seen by appointment only and make office and house visits to make your life easier.

It’s truly a unique process to be able to pick out the fabric you want a shirt or suit made out of and then choose styling options from collars to cuffs. The fit is truly unique to every individual since 10 measurements go into every custom shirt and 30+ for every custom suit. I’ve owned several brands and styles of shirts, but nothing compares to a custom made shirt. They have a variety of price points on shirts and suits that depend on the quality of the fabric. The majority of their manufacturing is done in the United States, which Columbus & Co. finds to be terrific.

If you would to contact Rachael Lundeen to set up an appointment to explore the realm of made to measure clothing as Columbus & Co. did contact her at

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