Greenwich Vintage Reversible Suspenders – Chocolate Brown Leather

Columbus & Co. teamed up with the Edge Gallery to do a photo shoot of the Greenwich Vintage and Leather Works Minnesota desert camo/chocolate brown reversible suspenders. The Edge Gallery located in the warehouse district of Minneapolis Minnesota is a wonderful contemporary space with loads of props, vintage collectibles and antique furniture. The historic building turned out to be a wonderful location for our collaboration and brought the feel of the 1900’s to our shoot.  Matt Hodgman owner / operator of the Edge Gallery is highly recommended to anyone in the area looking for portrait photography. Matt and I began exploring his studio and the building for shoot locations and came up with several while Zen and Justin were putting together the outfits to go with the suspenders.

We have broken up the shoot in two separate posts, the first covering the Chocolate Brown Leather side of the suspenders and tomorrow will feature the Desert Camo side of the suspenders. In the above photos Justin is wearing Left Field NYC Cone White Oak Brown Selvedge Canvas Tailored Chinos with a Gitman Vintage Japanese Corduroy Floral shirt and made to order Rancourt Blake boots in Dark Olive. In the last photo Justin put on an Apolis Chore Jacket with an Apolis pocket square. Justin says this would be his uniform for everyday wear if he had to choose one outfit. Looks good!

Q&A With Greenwich Vintage
Q: What gave you the idea to come out with a line of suspenders?
A: We always wanted a pair of leather suspenders but I didn’t want the ones that were being offered. The choices were limited. So like the colored soles I went out and sourced mine..
Q: The Greenwich suspenders are more unique then any others we’ve seen. What inspires you to distinguish your company from others?
A: Functionality, but needs to have good form. Everything we do has the ability to be used for a function.
Q: What types of occasions would you recommend a man to wear these suspenders?
A: Clip on suspenders are not acceptable with your suits, they just won’t look good. More importantly they will ruin your pants. the clips have little teeth that are used to latch onto your pants. With wear, these teeth pull on the fabric and can cause rips or shreds in your fabric. Instead of ruining your pants, spend the five or seven bucks your tailor will charge you to add buttons inside your pants. Start with a few pairs to see if you like the look and feel of suspenders. Your tailor will install three sets of buttons. Two in the front and one in the back. Button the suspenders onto these and thank me later. If you decide you absolutely love your new suspender look, the final step is using the metal clips on your belt loops. This is an extreme step, and one I haven’t even taken yet. But I’ve seen it on others and it really makes the suspenders look so much better. Especially when you’re wearing Raw denim It keeps anyone from thinking that you forgot a belt that morning.
Q: Suspenders were big up until the 1930’s until WWI where men switched to uniform belts. Do you think suspenders will make a strong come back in fashion as an accessory or even as a substitute for belts?
A: No…the suspenders are for the civilized look. They could be worn everyday and we don’t think they ever have gone away, but nothing will ever replace the belt…

Pre-Order Information
Desert camo / chocolate brown reversible leather braces are truly one size fits all. Regarding price, the braces cost $275 plus shipping ($15 shipping to all U.S. locations). There are only 12 available, so we are currently offering the chance to pre-order prior to the full product release tomorrow through our webstore ( To pre-order and secure a pair, please send $290 to the PayPal account below, as well as email us your desired shipping address. Thanks again and please let me know if you have any additional questions.

Please Send Your Payment via PayPal to:

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1 Response to Greenwich Vintage Reversible Suspenders – Chocolate Brown Leather

  1. Nathan says:

    Should be noted that the design of the braces is a Leather Works MN original design, with the leather sourced by Greenwich. The idea to be reversible came from Greenwich, with the design mimicking the braces that Leather Works MN make for BlackBlue.

    We are very proud of this product! Greenwich Vintage has been great to work with.

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