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PRE-ORDER: Bitches Be Shopping Canvas Tote - Black/Gold

I realize this is a men’s interest blog directed towards style, design, photography and anything of interest to men, but at times we have to appreciate what our women do or in this case what our bitches do. I was fortunate enough to be in on the early stages of this new project from Clever Little Bits, a collaboration between designers/crafters Laura Lewis and Chelsea Brink. These two Bitches (hope they don’t mind me calling them that, but in spirit of the project I must) met in the Graphic Design program at the University of Minnesota and began scheming on how to use their creative talents together from the beginning.

The design is custom hand lettered then screen printed on the bags by Steady Co. Design and Print Shop out of Minneapolis, Minnesota. The design, printing, canvas and construction is 100% American Made, which is awesome!

Q&A with Clever Little Bits
When did you ladies first come up with the idea to design and collab on these canvas totes?
A: We wanted to make something that we could give our friends as a holiday gift a few years back. Our friends that got them received a lot of compliments on them and others started asking where they could purchase them so we did a reprint and updated them with handmade bags and contrasting handles.
Q: Your slogan “Bitches Be Shopping” is pretty direct and fun. How did you come up with it?
A: All credit here goes to the beautiful noraborealis (Nora Purmort) – that lady has a way with words.
Q: What can we expect next from Clever Little Bits?
A: We are hoping to get prints both new and from the past up on our shop as well as some more totes maybe?
Q: Why do bitches love shopping so much?
A: I don’t know that they all love it, but when they use the tote the definitely BE shopping.

Photos 1, 3 & 4 are courtesy of Chelsea Brink. All rights reserved Bitches!

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