Askov Finlayson hosts Hodinkee

Askov Finlayson hosted Hodinkee founder Benjamin Clymer and contributor Jason Heaton for an event focused on the teachings of watch movements and styles. The event was hosted in a private room above the store that had an old school boys club vibe. Somewhere you would picture the Rat Pack hanging out. The room has exposed ceilings, original brick walls and hardwood flooring with classic paintings covering the walls. Askov Finlayson provided light hordevers and beverages for the attendees, which added a nice social experience.

Andrew Dayton welcomed Hodinkee and Jason began going through styles of various watches for several occasions and the history behind the watch makers. Benjamin followed up Jason discussing movements of watches and brands of watches that hold value through time. The event was very enlightening, especially for myself who has been following the vintage watch market for the last couple of years. The Q&A session following the presentation was interesting and rewarding. The advice of Hodinkee when purchasing a vintage watch was of extreme value since their are tons of companies and individuals looking to pull a fast one on a uneducated consumer.

Following the seminar everyone was able to get a close look at Hodinkee’s private collection of for sale and not for sale watches. It was great being able to handle some of these classic time pieces. I would recommend checking out Hodinkee’s website for advice into purchasing a vintage watch. Overall it was a great event, can’t wait to see what Askov Finlayson puts on next.

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