Learning the Basics of Man

I made the trek to Eau Claire, Wisconsin to hang out with Basics of Man this past weekend. What you guys know about Skip-Bo? I remember playing it back when I was a lot younger, but got a refresher course on my trip. Let’s just say it’s kind of like riding a bike, it comes back quick! We toured the city of Eau Claire scouring the town for photo opportunities with the limited time we had.

We ended up in a few parks and found some great locations near a lake and by an old train museum. I think the photos turned out terrific and Nate put together a great fall look. Nate was sporting a Ball and Buck hat, a H&M classic looking cardigan over a J Crew t-shirt. The watch is a Timex Weekender with a yellow J Crew watch band. I like how you can switch the look of your watch up by interchanging the bands. The jeans Nate is wearing are Rogue Territory SK’s that have been put to use for one and half years. The fade is coming in nice on these jeans. Nate’s shoes are a Gap and Ked collaboration and they look great with the cheap work boot laces he found at Walmart. They match perfectly with the Eddie Bauer boot socks.

Nate is really good at adding contrast to his outfits with matching accessories, such as the watch band, socks and laces featured in these photos. It takes an otherwise organic colored outfit and brings it to life. Oh and it also doesn’t hurt to have a good looking female at your side like Nate does. Just teaching the Basics of Man!

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