Red Wing Shoes at Northern Grade Chicago

Red Wing Shoes out of Red Wing Minnesota had quite the display at Northern Grade Chicago. Aaron, Red Wing Herritage’s Midwest Sales representative was the first vendor I spotted. He was hard to miss in his Quaker style black hat. Aaron assisted me in my first purchase of a pair of Red Wing’s at the 2011 Northern Grade Minneapolis. I absolutely love my Red Wing 879’s and if your not familiar with them it’s probably because you haven’t seen them. I have never seen anyone else have a pair on. They are the same as the Red Wing 877’s, but with Hawthorne Muleskinner leather. I wore them into the local Red Wing shop in the city I live in and the salesman told me he’s never seen the pair.

I like the steel lockers Red Wing used to display their shoes. Such a classic look for a classic shoe company. Red Wing has been making these shoes to last the toughest of environments for decades. I think what makes Red Wing especially unique is the fact they tan all of their own leather. I always tell my friends if you’re from Minnesota and don’t own a pair of Red Wing’s your missing the boat. Don’t let you not being from Minnesota stop you from purchasing a pair of Red Wings, they are a must own.

All photos are Columbus & Co. originals, like 99% of the time!

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  1. That American flag photo is top-notch! Good writeup, amigo.

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