Fall Craze

I know I keep saying this, but the Midwest Fall is definitely worth all the hype. We have colorful changing seasons here, only shitty part is the seasons change too damn quick for any of our liking. Mustari Brand and Columbus & Co. teamed up this afternoon for a quick photo shoot of a fall style I put together. We went to this great older neighborhood in Saint Paul, Minnesota that you can only find if you’ve been there before or if you happened to get lost. I happened to get lost and stumbled upon the neighborhood one day and knew it would be perfect for a fall shoot.

Today I’m wearing a vintage Carhartt work shirt over a Vans short sleeve button up with Rogue Territory AR-G trousers and Oak Street Bootmakers Trail Oxfords. I threw in a Greenwich Vintage yellow floral pocket square for some added aesthetics. This pocket square is a limited edition and looks excellent with most colored shirts, get one now! I love the detail on the Rogue Territory AR-G trousers. The pockets and cuff seams are lined with blue print. Just an added style bonus.

Big shout out to Mustari Brand for taking these photos, may the chopper culture prosper!

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  1. Thanks brother! It was great hanging out with you today.

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