Andrew & Eric Dayton’s Askov Finlayson

The Dayton brother’s Askov Finlayson is a retail store located in the North Loop neighborhood of Minneapolis, Minnesota. Columbus & Co. had the opportunity to meet Andrew and Eric Dayton at Northern Grade Minneapolis and immediately approached them about covering their store on our blog. With no prior knowledge of our recently created blog they were both excited about the opportunity and presented us with their contact information to schedule a time to visit. Pretty brave if you ask us because our blog could have been something outlandish they didn’t want to associate themselves with. Lucky for all of us, our interests align and we can all appreciate quality made and unique designed goods.

Askov Finlayson, named after two bordering towns in Pine County, Minnesota that the brothers frequently passed on their way up North to their family cabin, stocks quality made items from around the world. Norse Projects out of Denmark, Penfield out of Massachusetts, and Momotaro out of Japan are just a few of the unique brands you’ll find at Askov Finlayson. Andrew and Eric really want to stock items you won’t find at other stores to give their customers a unique shopping experience. The store is really bright with fun colors and there is no shortage of items to look at. The store sells books, jewelry, canoe paddles, pens and pretty much anything else you would need. If you haven’t been into the store it’s definitely worth making a trip.

When your shopping experience is complete try the brother’s Norwegian inspired restaurant The Bachelor Farmer or their basement speak easy style Marvel Bar located in the same building. Give yourself plenty of time because there definitely is a lot to take in and it’s worth every minute of your time! -Columubs & Co.

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2 Responses to Andrew & Eric Dayton’s Askov Finlayson

  1. Nice writeup and photos! I’ll check the place out to update my swag for sure.

  2. Ken says:

    Their wares look awesome… I’ll make the pilgrimage when I’m in town. This is a cool blog; I heard about it at Northerngrade.

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