Fall Fresh – V1

A sort of quasi follow up to our Greenwich Vintage post from Monday we will be highlighting a few Fall looks over the next couple of days put together by Zen the Fresh Maker from Greenwich Vintage. With the Football season underway Zen thought it would be great to dress Columbus & Co.’s Justin up in a classic Ivy League ensemble.

This vintage brown herringbone tweed blazer is a classic fall look that goes well dressed up with slacks or down with jeans. The floral pocket square is a Greenwich Vintage creation and adds a bit of color to match the button up shirt. The button up and maroon v-neck sweater are also both vintage. Get out and scour your local donation centers or thrift stores to find something similar.

Probably the finest work I’ve seen Greenwich Vintage do to date are these classic Herritage Red Wing Beckman boots with a green sole. The white mid-sole put in this boot really adds an aesthetic to make the boot shine even more. I think Greenwich did a perfect job with the finish of the boot and color combination of the mid-sole and sole here. I can’t wait to see some future takes of this look.

The watch is a Breitling B-1 fighter with a custom twist. The NATO watch strap was made by Hellbrand Leatherworks and gives this watch a lot of character. The jeans are Justin’s Levi’s 501 Selvedge Denim Shrink to Fit’s we’ve featured in previous posts. Look for more great fall looks to come over the next few days courtesy of Zen the Fresh Maker.

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  1. That photo with the pocket square is fantastic!

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