Greenwich Vintage – The Art of Soles

Columbus and Co. had the pleasure of visiting Zen the Fresh Maker of Greenwich Vintage over the past weekend to see how these colored soled shoes everyone is talking about come together. When we finally arrived an hour late to the shop, we were greeted at the door by a friendly Chihuahua named Biggie Smalls. Zen welcomed us into the shop where my eyes immediately gravitated to a large rack of shoes destined for bright colored Greenwich soles.

Here Zen is holding a finished pair of refurbished and resoled shoes.

The beginning: Here we have the custom Greenwich mold prepped and ready to receive the colored blend of materials that will harden and become the famous colored soles.

Here Zen is blending the chemicals with a few dashes of red pigment. It was really fascinating to see how these soles come together.

After the mixing is complete a releasing agent is sprayed on the molds and the liquid mixture is carefully poured into the mold.

After an hour or so of the mixture setting up the soles are ready to be taken out of the mold. We were surprised by the short amount of time it took for Zen to get a perfect set of soles completed. As the day went on We realized the extensive process Greenwich goes through to finish a completed set of shoes.

Here Zen is prepping a pair of boots to to receive colored soles. He first puts them in this machine to heat up the adhesive applied to the bottom of the boots.

Now the boot is firmly pressed to the colored soles and left to adhere.

The excess sole now is trimmed and smoothed out to give it a perfect finish.

Here is a photo of a finished shoe. The process was truly remarkable to see and I know we couldn’t get every detail into the post, but I hope you enjoyed the photos. Contact Greenwich Vintage directly to get a pair of colored soled shoes. They also take old shoes or boots you have and can refinish them with colored soles. Thanks a lot to the Greenwich team for letting us invade their shop for a day!

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2 Responses to Greenwich Vintage – The Art of Soles

  1. Scott Jagodzinski says:

    Zen does great work…

  2. Jocelyn says:

    What a fantastic glimpse into the behind the scenes work at this shop – and a great article too.

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