Through the Woods, Down the River

Last night was possibly one of the last nice evenings out in Minnesota for the remainder of the year so we had to take advantage. Today is cold and windy in the metro area and snowing up North. Fall in Minnesota is full of vibrant colors and constant changing weather. Hopefully we have a little longer fall and don’t go right into winter.

As we become more accustom with blogging our interest we are beginning to understand the direction we see Columbus and Co. heading in the future. Producing original content is important to us, but we know that we have to diversify a bit to keep the pipe line of content flowing.

Justin and I were discussing fashion and some peoples need to individualize themselves amongst the mainstream and how difficult or pointless this can be. I was telling him I often look at others to see what I like and incorporate pieces to create my style. It’s what is comfortable and interesting me. Justin said he sees himself dressing similar to a lot of people, but likes to incorporate items such as loud socks and pocket squares in his daily repertoire of outfits to create a personal touch.

Justin is wearing J Crew Corduroy pants, a Gitman Vintage stripped button up shirt, an Ebbets flannel hat he picked up from Black Blue, a camouflage Hillside pocket square, a Duluth Pack Scoutmaster backpack and white Converse All Star shoes.

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1 Response to Through the Woods, Down the River

  1. two birds says:

    I love that you both know your style and aren’t afraid to be both individuals and also trendy. You both have great style!

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