Border Collaboration – V2

Above is the remainder of the photos from our first collaborative photo shoot with Basics of Man out of Wisconsin. We took quite a few photos last Sunday. It was a super nice day out and four hours flew by. We ended up walking around the city of Hudson, WI and weren’t short of great places to snap some shots.

Probably the highlight of the day was us grabbing tall boys and heading down to the park by the river. A guy named Harrison rolled up to us with his guitar as we were discussing the perfect fitting trousers and vowed to impress us with a little song. He ended up being super impressive, rhyming trouser with near everything that it could be rhymed with. He played the guitar similar to Jack Johnson and flowed similar to Mac Miller. He sounded really cool, check our Twitter later today and I’ll post the video of him rocking it.

A few style additions to note from the previous post is Nate’s vintage Levi’s jean jacket and Justin’s vintage Woolrich camo coat purchased from MidNorth Mercantile. Great pieces to add on as the day winds down into the evening and your looking for the extra layer.

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  1. Your photos are incredible! Eye and composition keep improving and it’s awesome to see. It’s also great to see a few bros watering some plants in the Midwest because it’s dry as Hell.

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