Border Collaboration – V1

Basics of Man out of Wisconsin and Columbus and Co. out of Minnesota teamed up for a photo shoot near the St. Croix river in Hudson, Wisconsin. We met at the Agave Kitchen for a bite and a brew as we watched the Vikings close out their 3rd victory of the season. Football really wasn’t the topic of discussion, we got right into details of styles we liked, designers who are doing well and the revival of the American made movement.

We first met Nate from B.O.M. at Northern Grade Minneapolis a month ago and talked about collaborating on something in the near future. Besides the occasional text and missed phone call, this was the first real chance to get together and get to know one and other better. There is definitely a lot in common amongst the three of us.

Nate is wearing a Ball and Buck hat, a linen stripe shirt from Club Monaco, Rogue Territory SK 14.5 oz jeans, hand made boots resoled with a Vibram sole, a Timex from Target watch with a J Crew watch band and H&M folding sunglasses. It’s a comfortable look with a variety of brands and pieces that can be thrown into several different outfits. The Rogue SK’s have gone 18 months with no washes and been worn in the ocean at 9 months and the lake at 15 months and left on to air dry.

Justin is wearing a Locally Grown T Shirt with Levi’s 501 Selvedge Denim Shrink to Fit jeans, a Timex watch with a J Crew watch band. and Quoddy loafers. It’s a great evening casual or late summer look.

It was a great time to get everyone together and we just might make this a regular occurrence on the blog.  -Columbus & Co.

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