Bridging the Greenway

Well shit…here we are again trying to bring as much original content to you as we can. It might not seem like that big of deal, but it’s a lot of work. We enjoy getting out to take photos in unique places across Minneapolis to showcase our styles and we even sneak in an occasional brew in between the hoopla, join us sometime. Over the last few days we’ve seen multiple, what would appear to be seniors with a photographer taking pictures for their senior photos. Damn I feel bad for half the seniors out there to get stuck with some of these shitty photographers. Hand on your chin, football in your arm, I mean we get, but come on? Have a little originality here.

Justin is wearing a vintage Levi’s trucker jean jacket that we featured in our first post. If you have been following our blog you are no stranger to the Rogue Territory brand we have featured time after time again. These Rogue pants are the Safari Trousers in Green. Rogue Territory out of California has the pant fit down, we love the work this husband and wife combo are doing. The boots are Redwing 875, a great work and casual boot that look great with jeans or trousers. This is a great casual office look or perfect for hanging out with friends at the local watering hole.

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2 Responses to Bridging the Greenway

  1. Awesome! I dig that lower photo on the fence.

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