Summer’s End

Justin here casually drinking from the bright orange fountain is wearing a vintage Levi’s jacket. He has a knack for vintage clothing shopping and says his success comes from hard work and lots of dedication. Only kidding, get out there and check your local vintage shops, antique stores or the donation centers. It definitely takes a little more time and effort to find exactly what you are looking for. You might have to go to several stores to find that gem. If vintage clothing shopping is not your thing, check out MidNorth Mercantile. These guys will do all the hard work for you. You can even visit them and tell them what you are looking for and they will scour the vintage goods hemisphere to find it for you!

We’re excited for Fall at Columbus & Co., this is when brands start coming out with all their new lines and we can start layering gear. This is what the Midwest is all about when it comes to fashion. Justin is wearing Rancourt Beefroll penny loafers with Rogue Territory 14.5 oz Stanton jeans. The jeans are only a couple of months old so they haven’t been properly broke in yet. We will keep featuring these jeans on the blog so you can see how they wear with time and use.

Justin showed up to meet me with this blue and green checkered Gant shirt on and I started laughing because I just had bought the same shirt. Get it now because it is half off. He liked the price I paid for it versus what he dished out, lol. The material of the shirt is great and the design is as well. The only thing I dislike about the shirt is that it is a little short on the sides, so if you’re moving a lot throughout the day the thing will be coming untucked constantly. The belt is custom made by Nicholas from Hollows Leathers out of Minneapolis. He handcrafts some fine leather goods, check him out if you are in the market.

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