Locally Grown Clothing

The above photo was taken at Northern Grade Minneapolis of Locally Grown Clothing’s spread of merchandise. Locally Grown is a grassroots, message driven, lifestyle apparel company that sells t-shirts, short sleeve and long sleeve button up shirts, hats, and sweatshirts for men, women and infants. They have really cool designs on all of their merchandise featuring their signature rooster logo.

Pictured here is Fred, the CEO of Locally Grown tidying up the shirts. What I really dig about Locally Grown’s business philosophy is that they embrace the movement towards supporting farmers markets, locally owned businesses, and buyers making informed decisions on products they purchase. Read more about who Locally Grown Clothing is here. They do a way better job explaining this then I ever could.

Locally Grown was a big hit again at this years Northern Grade. Everyone I came with now has Locally Grown t-shirts besides me. I don’t know how that happened, I guess was so busy taking photos and networking that I ended up not buying anything at Northern Grade. Now I’m backtracking through all of the business cards I got ordering shit online. Damn fool if you ask me!

I know that after my dad reads this post he will buy the Iowa and Illinois locally grown t-shirts. Let’s support our local farmers and private business owners more in our community. I realize it takes a little more effort sometimes to drive past the chain stores, but our society could use a little more opportunity to go a few extra steps. I’m sick of being labeled the country of lazy asses and you should be too! Together, with a little more sense we can start impacting our country on a local scale. Then who knows what will happen from there, but I assure you something positive.

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