Northern Grade Minneapolis – Misc Photos

I was able to chat with Dan and Marne Brooks as they shopped around at Northern Grade last Saturday in Minneapolis. They were even kind enough to pose for this great photo. Dan mentioned he had some shoes made from the Greenwich Vintage guys and wanted to see what they were up to at Northern Grade. Dan is the son of legendary hockey coach Herb Brooks. Check out and support the Herb Brooks Foundation. They are always doing great things for kids!

Here is a great photo of Columbus & Co. co-creator Justin and his brother Aaron outside of Northern Grade. I’m sure they are in a deep conversation on which Black Blue coat to purchase.

Hana from South Korea trying on a vintage shirt from the Black Blue kiosk at Northern Grade. The pattern and colors of the shirt are classic and they look good on her.

Here is the Truscribe co-founder Eric Oakland and his brother in law Andrew Herkert. Truscribe makes messages creative with their whiteboard animation video scribing. These two had a blast at Northern Grade as you can tell. A lot to celebrate for these two!

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