The Axe Men

When I went to Big Table Studio in Saint Paul, MN for a gallery party I was surprised to see Best Made Company axes on the wall. I fell in love with their work at the last mens pop up market, Snow Grade. They had a booth at Snow Grade showcasing a variety of axes, leather goods, and various other specialty items.

At Snow Grade they put on an ax sharpening seminar, which is very bad ass and in tune with a mens themed event. When I was at the Big Table studio I had the pleasure of meeting Nick Zdon who is a collaborator and contributor to Best Made Co. on a variety of levels. Nick told me Best Made was not going to be at this Northern Grade in the fall, which I know will let a lot of my friends down since they all saw my picture taken with the ax backpack and vowed to go to the next mens pop up market to see them. Check our Columbusandco Twitter feed to see the photo of me with the ax later on today.

Now on to why every man should own an ax. America was built by hard work, sweat and tears. Kind of sounds like a Bruce Springsteen song, but for real axes have been around for over 10,000 years, even longer if you consider some of the first stone renditions. It’s been the most used man made tool for centuries and I know men aren’t getting down like we once did, but pick up one of these cooled designed axes and keep it around for a rainy day . Who knows when you may need an ax.

Best Made Co. also makes a variety of cool designed house hold items. These power cords are pretty rad. Check out their website for additional items.

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  1. Killer photos and hand tools, brother!

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