Lake Calhoun

We like getting out and shooting photographs of our favorite styles in our favorite places. We are striving to keep the content of these posts as original as we can. In between the 100’s of runners, bikers, walkers and creepers we found a minute to snap this photo walking down to Lake Calhoun. We were getting an abnormally larger amount of stares than we typically do. Which is completely fine by us, we’re not ashamed. In fact we enjoy what we’re doing with Columbus & Co.

Justin is wearing a polka dot Gitman Vintage shirt with a Hill Side pocket square. It’s a great look for a nice cool day by the lake. Or in our case a record breaking September day for the great state of Minnesota. It was near 97 degrees and windy as hell. Lucky for us the wind didn’t affect our shots too much. Great for the sailboats, not so great for Columbus & Co.

The jeans are Rogue Territory and in case if you have been living in a closet for your whole life the shoes are New Balance. The belt was custom made at Snow Grade. Pretty cool to have a leather artisan cut a strip of leather to your waist size, let you pick out a buckle and notch it right in front of you. I’ll definitely be looking to have one made this Saturday at Northern Grade in Minneapolis. If your curious to what Northern Grade is read our earlier posts.

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  1. That first photo may be my favorite yet. Keep up the good work! 🙂

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