Fashion Night Out FNO – Martin Patrick 3

Martin Patrick 3 in the Warehouse District of Minneapolis hosted a FNO party last night to any and all humans who give a damn about clothing, accessories, alcohol and anything else fashion related. It was a great turnout and I learned they often have after hour gatherings for their esteemed followers.

Pictured here is Sam showing me a variety of wool vests for the fall season. I’ve been seeing a lot of wool vests in magazines, on blogs and in stores. I think it is definitely a fall and winter necessity to a man’s wardrobe. Every employee at Martin Patrick 3 is super helpful and eager to show you the stores great merchandise. I was helped by three different employees in the short time I was there and it’s nothing like fending off the Buckle sales staff.

Here is a look at a variety of guests from the FNO. What I love about Martin Patrick 3 is the store is full of class. This is how I picture shopping in an ideal setting. They carry everything from clothes, jewelry, hats and grooming items. It’s a fairly large store with a lot of merchandise, but don’t get too overwhelmed they have a full complimentary bar so you can take a break and relax.

Add some swagger to your walk with a gentleman’s cane. After I took this shot I saw several photographers throughout the night taking a shot of this bucket of canes. Such a cool photo opportunity I had to share with everyone.

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2 Responses to Fashion Night Out FNO – Martin Patrick 3

  1. You can also incorporate a ‘hidden blade’ into your gentlemen’s cane and you’ll have a whole new level of assassin-swag. Sweet photo and post too!

  2. KP says:

    That looks like a proper haberdashery if I’ve ever seen one. Good content, will share.

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