Independence – Chicago

In a time of commercialization and standardization, what makes us unique? For some of us it could be as simple as bringing back the culture we read about or heard about from our parents and grandparents. On a recent trip to Chicago we sought out clothing stores that resembled something unique, but not different by any means. Independence has been around for a little over 6 months and stocks handcrafted items from manufacturers across the United States. Timothy and Joel, pictured above are as chill as they come and will gladly walk you through the store and the deep culture rooted in the merchandise at Independence.
Independence was featured in the latest issue of Men’s File. Pick a copy up at the store or click the link above and order a copy. The magazine traces the roots of style for the modern man.
We honestly could have hung at the store for a good portion of the day. There is a lot to look at and the environment is relaxing unlike a typical store at a mall. There is something to say about purchasing a quality item that is built to last generations. Can’t wait to see these guys at the first Northern Grade in Chicago.

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  1. KP says:

    Would read again

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