Hawaiian Triumph

The Hawaiian shirt is making a comeback onto the scene in the fashion world. Men
should be interested in finding the subtle looking hawaiian that is fitted to the body.
Find one that fits your style and forget the naysayers. Shit, George Clooney sported a few
in the Descendants and when Don Clooney co-signs it’s all good in our book. It also doesn’t hurt when your sitting on a rebuilt 1978′ Triumph Bonneville. The classic cafe racer that we’ve been seeing a lot more of around towns across the country. These bikes are fantastic to ride, but if you buy an older model like the one featured here, make sure you understand that you’ll be tinkering as much as your riding. Shout out to Brian from Brooklyn for letting us use his for this feature.   -columbus & co.

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Columbus & Co. is a men's interest blog covering everything of interest to men.
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1 Response to Hawaiian Triumph

  1. Great photos & composition! I’m drawing some parallels to Hunter S. Thompson…

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