I absolutely love how this photo series turned out. The ivy makes this Gitman Vintage shirt pop, it provides the perfect contrast. Gitman Vintage is a line from the Gitman Bros paying tribute to its past. The fabric can only trumped by a fine lady’s touch, which is great all year round. It has double track stitching for durability and the fit is slim, but not strangling so grab your true size. We feature it tucked in with suspenders on, but it works great untucked.

The jeans here are Levi‘s 501 1954 shrink to fit. Every 501 Levi jeans have a high rise to them, which we feel, provides a nice comfort. The shrink to fits are a bit unique since they don’t quite fit at first, but they shrink to your body after wear. These jeans were purchased at the regular waist size and shrunk 2 inches in length after they were first
soaked. They were worn in Big Trout Lake in Crosslake, MN and were left on for a few hours to dry. Note: If you don’t leave them on while drying they will shrink in the waist size as well. As an added bonus these selvedge denim Levi’s are made in America, which is the shit!

Possibly the coolest thing ever are these specially crafted suspenders designed by Black Blue  and crafted by Leather Works MN. Both companies are based out of Saint Paul, MN. It’s hard to come by specialty design and craftsmanship put down on these suspenders in this day and age. Now-a-days shit is just mass-produced, who knows where, for
a couple times use. These things will outlast you and me! Oh yea and they are only making them in limited batches so get it while the get in it’s good.   -columbus & co.

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2 Responses to Suspenders

  1. Dustin William says:

    I am really really in love with these photos – and style! Amazing look and quality. Really awesome model too 🙂

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