Keep the Trade Alive

The vintage tan button up shirt is from the purveyors of fine U.S. made vintage goods also known as Greenwhich Vintage. Their style runs deep and their handcrafted shoes and boots have their own modern twist. Check out their website to see images of how the shoes get restored and come back to life. The store also sells rail car selvedge jeans, which
is ironic as our model is climbing off a rail car.

The jeans and handkerchief are Rogue Territory out of Los Angeles, CA. The jeans and garments are handcrafted with a focus on fit. This brand  is continuing to grow and so is their product offering, which we find fantastic. Keep the Trade Alive!

The jean jacket is Levi’s brand. Need we say more, they continue to make superior products as the originator of the jeans. The watch is Timex with interchangeable bands. Good way to add color to your outfit.  -columbus & co.

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1 Response to Keep the Trade Alive

  1. Jocelyn says:

    Hey guys, fun articles. I know you know how to spell this, but these older articles (this one, classic cars & NG misc) refer to Zen & Max’s co as ‘Greenwhich’ vs ‘Greenwich’. Keep up the great blog!

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