Duluth Pack

You’ll see a lot of features from local brands and stores from Minnesota on this blog because we like to show our local support. Duluth Pack being one of those brands. This bag, called the “Scout Pack” is hand crafted in Duluth, MN and the history behind the founder, Camille Poirier is rad. Talk about American made and creating something from nothing, Camille did just that. Click the above image to be directed to their website to learn more about the bag and the company’s deep history.

The vest featured in this photo is from our friends across the pond, Universal Works. This British brand was founded in 2008 and they are all about quality clothes with a great fit. It emphasizes the British / American work wear look for the modern man. Click the above image to be directed to their website.   -columbus & co.

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Columbus & Co. is a men's interest blog covering everything of interest to men.
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